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2011-07-17: The development of Scheme Maker web service is started!

2011-03-07: Scheme Maker 1.4

  • The ability to select a part of the image is added.
  • Canvas properties and measure units are added.
  • Ordering in legend is added.
  • Problems with saving are fixed.
  • Some small changes in interface.

2010-08-12: Scheme Maker 1.3

  • An error with saving (very long time of drawing) is corrected.
  • Button "Redraw" is added in saving window.
  • The problem with work in Windows Vista and Widows 7 is solved.
  • Some small changes in interface.

2010-08-07: Scheme Maker 1.2

  • The symbols to schemes are added (only 96 symbols are available now).
  • The approximate length of stranded thread is added to key.
  • Cell numbers are added to the scheme.
  • An error with saving is corrected.
  • Some small changes in interface.

2010-08-02: Scheme Maker 1.1

  • The key is added. It containes numbers of stranded thread (4 firms are available).
  • Button "3. Analize" is removed. The scheme is analized while detecting colors.
  • Button "4. Return" is added. It allows to return the colors to the original number after lessening.
  • Window of saving is added. It allows to change the final view of scheme saved.
  • Some small changes in interface.

2010-07-22: Scheme Maker 1.0

  • Initial release.